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Buildings of Note

Colton has been here as a settlement certainly since Saxon times and quite possibly earlier and there is evidence of Bronze age activity within the vicinity.

The oldest building we now have in the village is the church, the tower of which dates from the late Norman period.

Through the ages there have been a number of buildings in Colton of considerable interest that we have researched quite a lot of information about even though most of them have now disappeared. Some we have pictures of so that we know what they looked like.

There are however enough buildings still in existence in the village to allow us to trace the rich diversity of changes through the centuries and to make a walk through the village of considerable interest.

We have produced a map and leaflet to assist in walking through the village. It can be obtained here.





  Bellamour Hall
Home to the Lords of the Manor from the late 17th -20th.Centuries. (click here)
  Boughey Hall Farm
A farm with a long, long history. (click here)
  Bellamour Lodge
A 19th century grace & favour house! (click here)
  Colton Hall
Home to our most famous historical inhabitant-Lord Walter Aston. (click here)
  The Old Rectory
Built in the 19th. Century for the Rector to keep dry!. (click here)
  The Malt House
One of the oldest houses still being used as a home. (click here)
  St. Mary's Church
Late 12th. Century-the oldest building in Colton. (click here)
  Little Hay Manor
The smaller Manor in Colton belonging to the Bagot Family. (click here)
  Colton House
The smallest Manor in Colton belonging to the Bagot family. (click here)
  Little Hay Manor
The smaller Manor in Colton belonging to the Bagot Family. (click here)

Featured Article
Colton House

Built in the early 18th. century this house has a history of being occupied by some interesting people. 

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