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History of the Village

The Bronze Age

There is evidence of human activity in the immediate vicinity of Colton for as far back as the Mesolithic Age from about 9000BC. A skull thought to be dating from this period has been found at Etching Hill about a mile away from Colton.

The earliest evidence we have of human activity at Colton itself is from the Bronze Age period- around 2000B.C. onwards. By then people were living in communities, farming the land and following established rituals such as burial rites. Society was divided up into clans with territories relating often to a place of fortification that people could flee to in times of threat. The territory around Colton belonged to the Cornovii people who had one of their fortified centres up at Castle Ring, a high point on nearby Cannock Chase.

We do not know the nature of the occupation at Colton but there is evidence in a field on the edge of the village of a known Bronze Age activity. People in this period would collect stones and heat them for some reason possibly for helping in the process of treating animal skins or even for something as simple as keeping water hot or for cooking. The evidence is stones that have been split by heat and then discarded in piles. Piles like this were found by a local Colton farmer and confirmed as what are called ‘Burnt Mounds’ by Keele University who conducted a survey of the site.

Ref. A History of Staffordshire M.W. Greenslade &D.G.Stuart Pub. Phillimore 1998

Geophysical Survey over a Medieval Glass Furnace and a Bronze Age Burnt Mound Conducted byKeele University 1998. Dept. of Earth Sciences.


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