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The known practice of religion in Colton goes back to Saxon times when the Domesday book records that Colton had a priest: apparently one of the few villages in Staffordshire to have one.

The present Parish church shows evidence of being built in the 12th. century. It has been much altered through subsequent centuries culminating in a massive Victorian Restoration when it was almost totally rebuilt under the guidance of the Victorian architect, Street.

In the 17th. century records show that some Colton residents were persecuted for practicing their Catholic faith when it was outlawed in this country. In the 19th. Colton had a small Methodist chapel now sadly gone.


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Featured Article
The Parish Church of St. Mary

Image: drawing of St. Mary's Church
There was a priest in Colton in Saxon times and the present Parish Church dates back to the 12th. Century. We have lots of documentary evidence about the church through the ages from our well preserved records.

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